Do you want ride a motorcycle on the "Roof of the World"? Welcome to the PAMIR motorbike tour !!! 
To see the Pamir was previously almost impossible, because most of part of the Pamirs was closed border zone because  the Pamir has nodes borders of China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. And to this day it requires a pass in GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province).  
But now we give you this unique opportunity - to pass on the motorcycle around Pamir in Tajikistan! On this tour, you will drive along all the main roads of the Pamirs.  In this motorcycle tour we visit the brightly colorful Fann Mountains where spend the night in tents under the stars in the open-air of International Mountaineering  tourist center (IMTC) "Alaudin." We swim in the  Iskanderkul Lake in which Alexander the Great bathed. We see the highest flag in the world in the  Dushanbe capital of Tajikistan. We drive motorcycle  on  the  Pamir Highway (M41) road legendary , which runs along the Afghan border  climbing  the highest pass  Ak Bajtal (4665 meters) in Central Asian. We visit Afghan bazaar in Khorog, which runs only once a week. We  pass a lot of mountain passes on motorcycle and see beautiful Wakhan valley. We will  take a baths of Bibi Fatima Zohra holy hot spring  and visit the ancient  Yamchun fortress . And of course you meet  with surprisingly kind and hospitable local people - Pamirians.  . 
You are the one who is going to experience this beautiful journey on a motorbike!
P.S. We do not describe some places and roads on our website because it is exclusive part of our itinerary and commercial secret.

Duration: 13 days                                         
Country: Tajikistan                                         
Start/finish: Dushanbe (Tajikistan)                        
Total distance: 2500 км
1. 09.05.2019 - 21.05.2019 (group full)
2. 13.06.2019 - 25.06.2019 (group is open, Welcome!)  

Please feel free to contact  us for more info.

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    1. Dushanbe

    Arrival. Transfer. Accommodation at the hotel. Lunch in a national restaurant. City tour:  Dusty square, Tajikistan National Museum. Meeting with team support. Check motorcycles. Dinner. Hotel.
    2. Dushanbe - Fann Mountains

    Our motorcycles are waiting for us to start our Pamir trip! We will drive on the road (M34) leading from Dushanbe to Khujand which lift us to the Anzob pass , where we will pass through Anzob 5-kilometer tunnel. The Anzob tunnel was built 1980 through Hissar ridge that would shorten the path is 5 hours, unlike the old Anzob mountain pass. The tunnel allows passing transport all year round, but 5 kilometers of darkness and cold tickle nerves even the most daring! By noon, we arrive at a Fann Mountains. A small part of the route will pass through mountain off-roads. But it's worth it to see small Tajik villages distant from civilization . Arrival at the INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINEER TOURIST CENTER "VERTICAL - ALAUDIN". we will make a easy trekking to Allaudin Lake overlooking the entire panorama of the Fann Mountains and Mount Chimtarga (5489m).  Accommodation in tent camp.
     3. Fann Mountains - Dushanbe
    In the morning  we will continue our motorcycle tour and visit another gorge where is Iskanderkul Lake named in honor of Alexander the Great, who according to an old legend bathe in it when he went to the march on India. In the evening we return to Dushanbe. Hotel.


     4. Dushanbe - Qal'ai Khumb 
    We continue our Pamir motorcycle adventure and heading to the southern side of Tajikistan – Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous province. Today we will get very close to Afghanistan and follow its border, where Panj  river will separate us several tens of meters from Afghan villages . Local people still live there the same way they used to hundred years ago. We will perform traditional washing fun ritual under Ali mountain waterfall on motorbikes, which is falling down the rock of 40 meters height. We are going to arrive to Qal'ai Khumb kishlak by the end of the day. Guesthouse.

     5. Qal'ai Khumb – Khorog
    Today we will go through legendary Pamir highway (M41) on our motorbikes , which was built in the 30-s during USSR times in order to develop Pamir area. It is one of the most unique mountain roads in the world that goes through such forbidding terrain. We are going to visit several Tajikistan kishlaks, where local people, especially local kids, will welcome you gladly with heartwarming handshakes and entertain you with  different fruits. Arrive Khorugh town. Guesthouse.
    6. Khorog
    Day off and acclimatization period. Early in the morning we will visit "afghan bazaar”, which is opened only during the weekends, when Afghanistan people are allowed to enter Tajikistan in order to sell products made in Afghanistan. Mainly it is clothes and souvenirs. You can also buy jewelries at Khorugh factory with local precious stones and visit Botanic Garden. The day will be finished with dinner at an Indian restaurant. Guesthouse.
     7. Khorog– Bibi Fatima hot springs(Yamchun)
    We are still  on motorbikes  near the border with Afghanistan. Pamir highway keeps up abrupt coast of Panj river, separating us from Afghanistan. We will climb over Yamchun fort and reach 3 200 meters altitude. Here we are going to catch an amazing view of Afghanistan valley at Wakhan Corridor and swim in the sacred waters of wonderful Bib Fatima hot spring. Guesthouse.
     8. Bibi Fatima hot springs(Yamchun) – Murgab
    Today we will reach kishlak Murgab – the heart of high-mountain Pamir. We won’t go down 4000 meters above sea level. Most of the way is following mountain off-roads. Hargush (4 344 m) and Nayzatash (4137 m) mountain passes, as well as endless Alichur grassing valley with a lot of yaks. By the end of the day we will reach Murgab - the highest kishlak on Pamir. Hotel
     9. Murgab - Ak Baital pass (4655 m) - Murgab
    We will wake up early and we will continue Pamir motorbike tour ! Be ready to go up to the highest mountain pass of ex USSR and Central Asia – Ak Baital mountain pass, 4 655 meters high. We will go over the most rugged mountains of Pamir. Ak Baital pass is the most highest point of our route. On the way back to the Murghab we will visit Rongkol lake. If there is enough time visit the meteor crater. Hotel.
    10. Murgab - Khorog
    Our motorbike tour is continued. But despite the fact that our path turned back toward Dushanbe we will use  other roads. Today we will drive to Khorog on another part of the Pamir Highway (M41) and cross the mountain passes such as  Nayzatash (4314 m), Kok-Tezek (4272 m). In the evening we arrive in Khorog. Accommodation in this Pamir guesthouse.
    11. Khorog - Qal'ai Khumb
    Today we will drive back to our bikes along the legendary Pamir Highway (M41), which was built during the Soviet era in the 30s for the development of the Pamirs. This is one of the most unique mountain roads in the world, built in such difficult places impassable. In the evening arrival in Qal'ai Khumb. Accommodation in a guest house.

    12. Qal'ai Khumb - Dushanbe
    Today we will drive to Dushanbe on Pamir Highway. Despite the fact that we return the same way you will discover absolutely other pictures of nature and mountains. In the evening we arrive in Dushanbe.
    We will celebrate our successful tour in the restaurant, where you will be given certificates and presents as keepsakes of the tour. And after, let the party begin! Accommodation at the hotel.

     13. Dushanbe
    We will organize transfer to Dushanbe airport according to your flight time. 
    Have a save flight! Thank you very much for being with us during this tour! You are always welcome here to take part in another fascinating motorcycling tour around Central Asia!

     Please feel free to contact  us for more info.




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    Duration: 12 DAYS

    Country: Tajikistan

    Start/Finish: Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

    Total distance: approx. 2500 kм.

    Roads: 60%on road - 40%off road

    Accommodation: hotels, guesthouses, resort , tent camp, 

    Support: : Toyota Land Cruiser 

    Available bikes: Suzuki DR650




    -Readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way

    -Physical strength and pure optimism

    -Good riding skills

    -Respect laws and culture of local people



    Our company does not issue visas nor provide visa support. You can contact with our partners who providing services on visa support and on other visa issues. (with mark from Marat). 

    Here is contacts of travel agency which helped. 

    Name: Nargiza


    Tel: +998906558088

    Note. We do not receive any money commission from deals on a visa. It's not our business. So we are no responsible for their organisation. Just we share contacts with you. You can use other providers.

    For Pamir enduro motorbike tour you need:

    -One entry tourist visa to Tajikistan and GBAO permit ( GBAO means Pamir area)

    Please, contact us first before applying for visa, since visa procedures differ according to the country of your citizenship. Citizens of some countries do not need visa to Central Asian countries or may obtain it according to simplified procedure.

    Unfortunately, visa procedure is inimitable part of the tour, so please take some time in order to finish this process successfully, but we want to reassure you, that you will not face any troubles and obtain your visa in the shortest time. We recommend starting visa process 2-3 months prior to the tour. We are always there for you to help!


    Here is the list of air companies, providing flights to Dushanbe. You may also contact us specifying your country of departure. Since we have a wide client base from all over the world, we will contact them in order to receive recommendations or advise concerning flight details.




    Fly Dubai

    Ural Airlines


    Somon Air

    China Southern


    Air Astana


    The baggage of participants which will be in the car support is limited. The weight of your bags that you take the tour should not exceed 10 kg (without motorcycle gear). And that means you have to take only the essentials. 

    1. Passport, driving licence , money.

    2. Motorcycle gear:

    - helmet with visor. It's better to have an integral, flip-up or touring style helmet, but do not MX or open-face type, because in the mountains you can feel freezing rain, snow, wind and dust, which may make your face vulnerable.

    - jacket and pant with knee, elbow and back protection. Jacket: If you use the jacket as a major shalt for a trip on a motorcycle, then it should have built-in protection - elbows, back, shoulders. Would be nice if jacket has a double layer, which can detach during a hot period of the day, and fasten upon the occurrence of cold. Pants:You can use the enduro pants with built knees protection. If you don't have such pants with built knees protection you can use just jeans or MX pants but have to use knees protection 

    - motorcycle boots. You can use different shoes -  touring boots or motocross boots. The main thing that they would protect your feet and comfortable for switch gear.

    - pair of gloves (one light for hot days other warm waterproof)

    - motorbike neck warmer tube scarf windproof

    - motorcycle thermal underwear for hot and cold weather

    - 100% waterproof rain suit

    3. Off-line GPS navigator in your mobile with local road maps

    4. Necessary medications if you need them. 

    5. Shoes: sandals for resorts. Sneakers for the prom; 

    6. Clothes: a few T-shirts, a few spare socks, jeans, shorts, swimming trunks, a warm sweater, light jacket; 

    7. Towel and toiletries. 

    8. Sunglasses. 

    9. Sunscreen. 

    10. Mosquito Cream

    11. Headdress: a cap or hat for the warm days and  knit cap for cool; 

    12. Flashlight 

    13. Photo  or video camera. 

    14. Own sleeping bag for one night tent camp in Funn Mountains.  We provide tent and mattress.

    Please use soft, compact bag for tour. Do not use bulky suitcases.

    P.S. You can also bring a variety of inexpensive gifts for local children.


    Central Asia is the region with sharply continental climate. Day temperature during summer period is +25 to +40 degrees. After the sunset, temperature drops to +20 degrees, and to + 15 in the mountain areas.It is hard to predict weather conditions in mountain regions of Pamir and Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes it can be cold wind or rain and it might be snowing in Pamir. So you have to be ready for any weather conditions.


    Most of the roads of this tour are asphalt.  But Pamir highway section as Kalaikhumb - Khorog -Yamchun - Murgab - Sary Tash  are very tough. In places it is a twisted old asphalt, or simply a gravel comb. Due to harsh natural conditions, remoteness and lack of financing, these roads are not sealed and have never been repaired.The quality of sealed roads in the mountain area is also inconsistent, as there might be construction works going or the road may be washed out due to heavy rains. In this case we will change the route. Please, be ready for that.

    Pamirs passes.

    Anzob pass (3372 m) 

    Hargush pass (4 344 m) 

    Nazaitash pass (4137 m) 

    Ak Baital pass (4655 m)

    Kyzyl-Art pass (4280 m)

    Coy Tezek pass (4271 m)

    Haburabot pass (3252 m)


    There are some very long distances as well as very short ones.  In  any case daily runs range from 7 to 9 hours So you have to be ready for early wake up and arrive late.


    We are trying to provide the most comfortable accommodation in our tours. But conditions and serviсe  may vary from  good to very low in Tajikistan.

    For instance, in such areas as the Fann Mountains,Kalaikhum, Khorog, Yanchun,  Murgab there might be no electricity or water supply. It is due to remoteness of these places. Despite the fact that we try to book rooms in advance there is no guarantee that our places will be available for us upon arrival. Be prepared for this, too.

    We will have a camp in the Fann Mountains and our company provides tents, mattresses. You should bring own sleeping bag. If you dont have let us know we provide. 


    Dinner and breakfast we have in accomondation places. Lunch in roadside cafe.

    Central Asian's food is  not very diverse. Usually it's meat and dough. But for you will be usfull to know names some of  most common dishes that are offered in road cafes and hotels.

    Lagman - is made from meat (mainly lamb), vegetables and long noodles. 

    Shurpa is soup. Typically, this is a beef or mutton broth with large chunks of carrots, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. Good dishes for lunch.

    Pilaf is rice, meat, carrots, onions.

    Manty is  stuffing beef with onions wrapped in dough.

    Kebab or kuyrdak is fried or braised beef or lamb with onions.

    Borsch is Russian soup. Meat broth with pieces of meat and with the addition of beets, cabbage, potatoes.


    The most common problem of guests is an upset stomach.

    It comes from the local uncommon food. Acclimatization of food takes several days. Some people have 2-3 days. Others can not get rid of this this until the end of the tour.

    Unfortunately, we are powerless here. So take the necessary medications.

    Mountain sickness.

    Pamir Highway passes at an average height of 3000 m. We will have a place for acclimatization in Yamchun. Sometimes people feel very tired or have a headache. 

    So take the necessary medications. 


    People in Central Asia are very friendly and hospitable. But you should be aware of some rules of behavior. 


    - take pictures of border  posts, police, military people  .

    - appear in underwear in hotels and guest houses. Especially if there are local women there.

    - go to the toilet in the wrong place

    Concerning relationship between participants and organizing company during the tours we don’t support "I am the client, and you are an executive” or "the client is always right” attitude, since we believe that during the tour we are all one big team, where everyone respects, understands and helps each other.




    Pamirs passes.

    Anzob pass (3372 m) 

    Hargush pass (4 344 m) 

    Nazaitash pass (4137 m) 

    Ak Baital pass (4655 m)

    Kyzyl-Art pass (4280 m)

    Coy Tezek pass (4271 m)

    Haburabot pass (3252 m)

    FANN MOUNTAINS  (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour


    ANZOB TUNNEL in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour

    The Anzob Tunnel or Ushtur Tunnel is a 5,040 m long tunnel located 80 km northwest of Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe.

    The tunnel connects the Tajik capital to the country's second largest city, Khujand, travel to which, prior to the tunnel's construction, required travelers to cross the border into Uzbekistan in order to travel between the two cities. It is also a transit route between Dushanbe and Uzbekistan's capital Tashkent. Prior to construction of the tunnel, especially during winter, the threat of year-round avalanches led to periodic disruptions of commerce. Tunnel facilitates overcoming Hissar ridge and provides year-round road link between the northern (Sughd Province) and southern regions of Tajikistan. Earlier in the winter travel in the northern regions of Tajikistan through Anzob (height 3372 m) has been closed for 6 months. The tunnel has reduced the road between Dushanbe and Khujand by 30 km and travel time along the new route - dropped to 5 hours. The length of the tunnel more than 5 kilometers. As of May, 2014 the tunnel was still unfinished and the Iranian government and Tajik government had signed an agreement to complete the project by late March, 2015.
    Strategic Importance
    Its construction put an end to Uzbekistan's ability to halt traffic between Tajikistan's two largest cities. It marked the beginning of other major co-operative projects such as the Sangtuda-2 power plant.
    The tunnel is also said to be part of a planned road which would run from Iran through Herat in western Afghanistan and Mazar-i-Sharif and Sherkhan Bandar in northern Afghanistan to Tajikistan and from there up to China. The route has been named the new Silk Road.

    PAMIR MOUNTAINS (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour


    PAMIR HIGHWAY OR M41 (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour


     KHORUGH  (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour

     WAKHAN CORRIDOR (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour

    BIBI FATIMA HOT SPRING  in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour
     Ostoni Bibi Fotimai Zakhro is Tajik for "Holy Site of the Sleeves of Bibi Fatima".  The hot springs lies deep in the Wakhan Valley of Tajikistan's Pamir Mountains, just a stone's throw away from Yamchun village. 
    As most of the homestays in Tajiksitan would not provide you with hot bath, and so Bibi Fatima hot springs is a destination
    the one can only dream of reaching after days of travelling thru hot waterless area.  Soaking in the natural warm mineral water has been said to rejuvenate women's well-being in ways that improve female fertility. The springs themselves are just a simple concrete room built against the rock face where the hot water emerged. The hot water comes from a fine stalactite cave, length of which is unknown. Unlike another Pamir famous hot spring Garm Chashma where the water is full of minerals and very silty, the water in Bibi Fatima contains no chalk and is crystal clear.

    YUAMCHUN FORTRESS in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour
    In the end of the 1st millennium B.C. because of the threat of military attacks from neighbors as well as for the purpose of controlling the traffic of people and cargos from Pamir to Bactria, India, Iran and back the construction of powerful fortifications began. The first of them was Yuachmun Fortress (also known as Kafyr Kala). The fortress was constructed in the 3rd century B.C. on the slope of the rock which was favorably during its construction. If seen from above the fortress has a triangular form divided into three parts. The first is the citadel with a bastion and barracks. They were walled and reinforced by towers. Two other parts are extensive platforms for conducting military actions. Each platform is surrounded with powerful walls reinforced by 36 towers with loopholes.The fortress walls are double, made from carefully processed tiled stones delivered by builders from different remote places. The outer 2 m-thick wall was made entirely from stones. The inner wall is also from stones which are only 50-60 cm thick.The entire fortress "is connected" by means of towers with embrasures cut in chessboard order and inclined downwards under a small angle so that the warriors could cover with their fire the entire valley. Some loopholes are directed both outside, and inside of the fortress which considerably increased its defensibility. The fortress amazes with its size. This powerful military structure had an exclusive significance for the local territory.

     MURGAB (Please click on picture for more info) in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour

    AK BAITAL PASS in motorcycle motorbike tour jeep tour
    Ak-Baital pass is a high mountain pass on the border of the Republic of Tajikistan (GBAO region) and Kyrgyzstan at an elevation of 4,655-meter (15,270 ft) above the sea level. The pass is a part of the Trans-Alay Range and it’s the highest road pass in the former Soviet Union.

    Pereval Akbaytal is crossed by M41 road, known informally and more commonly as the Pamir Highway. This section of the road is barely passable. Throughout the area, the land is typically rugged and dry. This road is sometimes referred to as "The Road from Hell”. Construction and maintenance levels vary substantially along the highway. The roadway is paved is some areas, but is mostly unpaved. The road is heavily damaged in places by erosion, earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches. The road was built during Soviet times, to connect parts of their imperium in this region. Since the breakdown and Central Asia’s independence, not much coherent maintanance has been done to the road, only in spots, where damage has been caused by flash floods or scree.

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