The Tian Shan motorcycle tour in Kyrgyzstan.
Motorbike adventures are waiting for you in the magical country of Kyrgyzstan!!
Kyrgyzstan is a country of green mountains, glaciers and the clearest of rivers.
It provides the loftiest and clearest images of the Central Asia region and is the heart of the great Tyan-Shyan mountain range.  Tyan-Shyan is translated as "Sky Mountains”. Here you will ascend and descend the most beautiful mountain passes of the Central Asian region. You will see incredible panoramas of the terrain and breathe in the clear mountain air. About 90 % of our tour lays at 1,500mt altitude and a section of it at 3,000mt. On this tour we will ride to the main sightseeing regions of the country including Issyk-Kul Lake – the clearest lake in the world. At 182 km long and 60 km wide it is like an inland sea. We dare you to research the mysteries of the submarine city at Issyk-Kul and the large humanoids that have been reported. True or False? Come and see for yourself!
You can be part of this motorcycle tour through an amazing country. Our tour will provide plenty of acquaintance opportunities with local hospitable people and accommodation stays in the yurts of nomads and will also visit ancient monuments.  

P.S. We do not describe some places and roads on our website because it is exclusive part of our itinerary and commercial secret.

 Duration: 12 days, 10 days riding             
 Country: Kyrgyzstan            
 Start/finish: Bishkek (The capital of Kyrgyzstan)                       
 Total distance: approx. 2500 km       
 Date:  10 - 21 JUNE, 2023
 Date 2: 17 - 28 JULY, 2023
 Date 3: 6 - 17 AUGUST, 2023
 Price: contact us 

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    1. Bishkek.

    Airport transfers to hotel. Then we take you to lunch at a local restaurant after which you will return to the hotel where your bikes have been parked and familiarize yourselves with them.  Before a dinner we will take you on a city tour. Then the welcome dinner after which you return to your hotel. 



    2. Bishkek - Toktogul Lake
    After departing Bishkek you will turn to the Kyrgyz range and start your climb to the famous Too-Ashu Pass (3,700 mt). You will feel as though you are riding stairs to the sky! Too-Ashu Pass is famous for its 4 km tunnel through the mountain peak. After the tunnel you will descend to cross the Susamir mountains valley with Alabel Pass at 3,200mt. There are many nomads living in yurts and grazing hundreds of horses and sheep on lush green meadows. You will drink tea in the yurt of a hospitable nomadic family.  
    Our overnight stay will be at Toktogul Lake where you will have time to relax and swim before a meal of fresh trout from the lake. Hotel accommodation.
     3. Toktogul Lake - Arslanbob village 
    On this day you will ride the Bishkek-Osh road (M41) which is certainly one of the most beautiful of roads alongside the Naryn River. You will ride and view more mountains and travel through several tunnels. You will arrive at Arslanboba mountain village for your overnight stay. Arslanbob is without doubt one of the most beautiful villages in the country. It is surrounded by mountains with a river running through town and has the largest wild walnut forest in the world. Most residents are Uzbeks hence this village has a truly unique culture. You will visit local waterfalls. Guest house accommodation.
     4. Arslanbob village - Kazarman village.
    Today your fascinating motorcycle journey will have you riding deep into the mountains of Tien Shan. There are many beautiful mountain gorges and panoramic views. A gravel road passes through the Kaldama Pass at 3,000 mt. and descends into Kazarman village. Guest house accommodation.
    5. Kazarman village Song-Kol Lake. 153 km.
    Continuing your motorcycle tour in Kyrgyzstan you will ride the  "Mountain Serpentine” of Moldo Ashu Pass (3201m.) If you research Moldo Ashu Pass we know that once viewed you will be even more eager to ride in Kyrgyzstan.This road with the greatest of twisty sections and switchbacks will lead you to the high mountain Song-Kol Lake situated at 3,500mt altitude which is among the highest altitude of lakes throughout Central Asia.  Here you will have an opportunity to dine on Kyrgyz dishes prepared by shepherds and spend a night in nomadic yurt under warm blankets and songs of the mountain wind. Yurt accommodation.
    6. Song-Kol Lake - Naryn town 
    After what will be a delicious breakfast you will take a ride around the amazing Song Kol Lake with many majestic viewpoints. From there you ride down to Naryn City through the "33 Parrots Pass”. If you liked riding the twisty sections yesterday then you will be smiling today. This is a dizzy winding pass.  Don’t look for brightly coloured parrots as this road has nothing to do with birds! Hotel accommodation.

    7. Naryn town - Tash Rabat - Naryn town.
    Our Kyrgyzstan motorcycle tour continues. Early in the morning you will go along the road traveling to China along the At Bashi snow-white mountain range to get to Tash Rabat Caravanserai (an Inn with Courtyard or Stone Castle from the 14th century) on the Great Silk Road. You will get to visit this mysterious Caravanserai and have lunch in a yurt with nomads. You will then return to Naryn via a different route with wonderful panoramas.  Hotel accommodation.  
    8. Naryn town - Issyk Kul Lake.
    This day is full of bright emotions because we come down on the other side of Terskei -   Alatau  mountain range and get to the  Issyk-Kul Lake. The lake is one of the largest mountain lakes in the world (1608m. above sea level). The lake is frequently called "the pearl of Central Asia" and is the main touristic  highlight in Kyrgyzstan. Relax on the lake.  Overnight a resort.

     9. Issyk Kul Lake - Issyk Kul Lake.
    You can remain on the lake for relax or join to tour leader to  ride the Sarimonok Pass at 3,216 mt. and the Barskoon pass at 3,754mt.
    Now be ready to conquer the highest pass on your tour, the Suek Pass at 4,021mt.
    If you have not yet had enough high sections then today should make you really happy! 
    Back to the same resort.
    10. Issyk Kul Lake  - Bishkek
    Today your riding will be completed as you leave beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake and ride back to Bishkek. A generally relaxing day getting you back to the city with time to clean up and get ready for the night’s gala dinner  where we will celebrate your ride with us with souvenirs for you and ride certificates. It will be our wish that you have enjoyed the ride and local hospitality and that we may see you again on another fabulous tour within Central Asia.

    11.  Bishkek
    Transfers from hotel to your flights with best wishes for safe travel from all at SilkOffRoad Tours and also from the new friends you will have made during the ride. No doubt you have lots of photos and wonderful feelings and memories to share on your return home!

    Please feel free to contact  us for more info.



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    Duration: 12 days
    Country: Kyrgyzstan
    Start/Finish: Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Total distance: approx. 3000 kм.
    Roads: 70%on road - 30%off road
    Accomondation: hotels , guesthouses, resort,yurt camp 
    Support: : Toyota Land Cruiser 
    Available bikes: Suzuki DR650SE, Suzuki DRZ400
    -Readiness to have unbelievable adventure with lots of surprises on the way
    -Physical strength and pure optimism
    -Good riding skills
    -Respect laws and culture of local people


    Here is the list of air companies, providing flights to Almaty. You may also contact us specifying your country of departure. Since we have a wide client base from all over the world, we will contact them in order to receive recommendations or advise concerning flight details.
    Air Arabia, Asiana Airlines, Atlasjet, British Airways, China Southen Airlines, Czech Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Hainan Airlines, KLM Airlines, Lufhansa, Mahan Air, Pegasus Airlines, S7 Airlines, Samon Air, Tajik Air, Turkish Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Transaero, Turkmenistan Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlanes, Air Astana, Fly Dubai, Fly Vista

    You can bring any number of things in Almaty, but the baggage of participants which will be in the car support is limited. The weight of your bags that you take the tour should not exceed 10 kg. And that means you have to take only the essentials.

    1. Passport, driving licence , money.
    2. Motorcycle gear.
    3. 100% waterproof rain suit
    4. Off- line GPS navigator in your mobile.
    5. Necessary medications if you need them. 
    6. Shoes: sandals for resorts. Sneakers for the prom; 
    7. Clothes: a few T-shirts, a few spare socks, jeans, shorts, swimming trunks, a warm sweater, light jacket; 
    8. Towel and toiletries. 
    9. Sunglasses. 
    10. Sunscreen. 
    11. Mosquito Cream
    12. Headdress: a cap or hat for the warm days and  knit cap for cool; 
    13. Flashlight  
    14. Camel bag for water

    Please use soft, compact bag for tour. Do not use bulky suitcases.
    You can leave excess clothes and bags in our office in Almaty to return.

    P.S. You can also bring a variety of inexpensive gifts. People (owners of guest houses, children of nomads, to love get all sorts of gifts. 



    It's better to have an integral, flip-up or touring style helmet, but do not MX or open-face type, because in the mountains you can feel freezing rain, snow, wind and dust, which may make your face vulnerable.
    Fog spray and wipes for the visor.

    If you use the jacket as a major shalt for a trip on a motorcycle, then it should have built-in protection - elbows, back, shoulders. Would be nice if jacket has a double layer, which can detach during a hot period of the day, and fasten upon the occurrence of cold.

    You can use the enduro pants with built knees protection. If you don't have such pants with built knees protection you can use just jeans or MX pants but have to use knees protection 

    You can use different shoes -  touring boots or motocross boots. The main thing that they would protect your feet and comfortable for switch gear.
    Central Asia is the region with seasonal inland climate. Day temperature during summer period is +25 to +40 degrees. After the sunset, temperature drops to +20 degrees, and to + 15 in the mountain areas.
    It is hard to predict weather conditions in mountain regions of  Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes it can be very rainy and it might be snowing. So you have to be ready for any weather conditions.

    The main roads of Kyrgyzstan are asphalted. Excluding mountain country roads between villages. Due to harsh natural conditions, remoteness and lack of financing, these roads are not sealed and have never been repaired.
    The quality of sealed roads in the mountain area is also inconsistent,  the road may be washed out due to heavy rains. In this case we will change the route. Please, be ready for that.

    There are some very long distances as well as very short ones, but going through rough roads.  So you have to be ready for early wake up and arrive late.

    1. Bishkek. Hotel. Twin room. Single room is available. Extra pay.  
    2. Toktogul Lake. Resort. Twin room. Single room is available. Extra pay.  
    3. Arslanbob village. Guesthouse. Twin room. 
    4. Kazakrman village. Guesthouse. Twin room.
    5. Song Kol Lake. Yurts camp. 4 beds in one yurt. 
    6. Naryn city. (2 nights) Hotel. Twin room. Single room is available. Extra pay.  
    7. Issyk Kul Lake (2 nights). Twin room. Single room is available. Extra pay.  
    Single room is available extra. 
    People in Central Asia are very friendly and hospitable. But you should be aware of some rules of behavior. For example: don’t go the toilet in not appropriate places. If you want to use a bathroom, smoke, drink alcohol, change or take a picture, please, ask your guide first. It is strictly forbidden to take pictures of cross boarding points and police stations, as well as officials, officers and soldiers of these departments.
    Concerning relationship between participants and organizing company during the tours we don’t support "I am the client, and you are an executive” or "the client is always right” attitude, since we believe that during the tour we are all one big team, where everyone respects, understands and helps each other.






    Passes in Kyrgyzstan:
    - Too Ashu Pass (3586 m)
    - Ala Bel Pass (3184 m)
    - Kaldama Pass (3062 m)
    - Moldo Ashu pass (3201 m)
    - Pass 33 Parrot (3133 m)
    - Dolon pass (3038 m)
    - Suek pass (4050 m)

    Lake Son-Kul (Kyrgyzstan)in motorcycle tour motorbike tour
    Son-Kul Lake, is located in a giant, almost flat valley between mountain ranges at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level. Surface area is 270 km2. Son-Kul, the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after the Issyk-Kul, and the largest natural freshwater reservoir in Kyrgyzstan. The maximum water temperature is between 20-23 degrees C. The lake freezes Son-Kol in the second half of October to April. Flows into Lake River 4: Kum-Bel, Ak-Tash, Tash-Dobo and Karakeche. It implies only river Son-Kol. Very rich world of birds. More than 1000 species.
    What to talk about dream-Cola. First of all, like any major body of water, it attracts the eye. In addition to water and the sky, which constantly changes its state, little distracted gaze. On the lake there is no tree, no bush, because the height is more than two thousand. Moreover, the capital structure here otsutstvuyut. Tolko shepherds' yurts. The surrounding ridges are not high, not very expressive, so attention is not diverted from the water surface, which sometimes graphically allocated fishing boat. From the pristine landscape breathes force something ancient and mysterious. Like any unusual, strong landscape this place is fanned by numerous legends and tales. After all, for many centuries, from the grandparents to the grandchildren the same shepherds' camps occupy the same family. One legend tells the story of the birth of the Son-Kohl. In accordance with it in place of the lake used to be located ill bet formidable Khan. To replenish his harem he collected the most beautiful girls from all over the Tien Shan. Their misery moved to pity the mountains. The place where stood the Khan's palace, and went down the water flooded the ruler of bet with the adjacent territory. Here are the alpine green jailoo and grazing sheep. The local nomads always possible to take a horse and make a horse ride on the lake. In the late 60-ies in bezrybnoe lake were brought valuable Siberian species of fish - peled, whitefish, whitefish. Fish accustomed very quickly multiplied in the lake. But in the early 90's due to poaching attitude of the local population to the number of its fishing catastrophically decreased. Now, on the orders of the government of Kyrgyzstan fishing on the lake Son-Kol temporarily banned

    Tash-Rabat (Kyrgyzstan)in motorcycle tour motorbike tour
    In a picturesque valley of Kara-Koyun it is one of the rare monuments of ancient Asian architecture - Tash-Rabat. As a result of archaeological and architectural studies in recent years, we know that the Tash-Rabat was built in the 10th century. BC Perhaps it was the monastery of Christians - Nestorians (or Buddhist) before the Mongol invasion and before the spread of Islam. In the days of the Silk Road, the castle served as a caravanserai (inn) on the ancient caravan route from Semirechye in Kashgar.
    Tash-Rabat fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. It is a rectangle measuring 35.7 x 33.7 m with several domes. The structure consists of a large central hall (in its interior preserved elements of plaster "Gancia" - baked clay and traces of paint) and 31 rooms arranged around the hall, topped domes 20 and 11 arches. In the fortress are many underground passages, there are secret exits and underground prisons (dungeon). They were used as a shelter for refugees and hermits, as a place of religious learning and a haven for trade caravans for centuries. Who built the Tash-Rabat no one knows? Construction remains a mystery. History says that it was the local ruler Mohammed Khan. But the old people say, "It was built by father and son. And when left to put the last stone of the dome, they saw a caravan approaching. The son left his job and decided to see what kind of people go. "Do not go, - said the father - let's finish the job and then go." But the son did not listen. He left and never returned. That's why Tash-Rabat still stands without a roof. And all because the caravan was traveling with a young beautiful girl. "

    Lake Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan) in motorcycle tour motorbike tour
    Lake Issyk Kul is located at an altitude of 1609 meters above sea level. This is one of the most beautiful, largest and cleanest lakes in the world, among alpine lakes in the world by area mirror is second only to Lake Titicaca in Peru. At depth, the volume and purity of Lake Issyk-Kul is ranked first in the world. This is something for which you can come here. The maximum depth of the lake 702 meters, length of 180 kilometers, the width of 58 kilometers, the lake area is 6236 square kilometers, the transparency of 31 meters. To the south and north of the lake offers stunning views of the Tian Shan mountains, many of which are on the top of the elevation above 5,000 meters. Into the lake more than 100 rivers, but none flows out. In ancient times on the lake was a city that was later flooded because of rising water levels. But now at the bottom of the Gulf of Tyup can find the remains of an ancient settlement. Issyk-Kul - the pride and soul of Kyrgyzstan. Its beauty is truly indescribable and every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of the mountainous region.

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